Kin-Driver - A human kinase database with driver mutations


Here we provide the complete Kin-Driver database as a MySQL package. You must have installed a MySQL server on your computer.

Database Download

You can found the database schema here.

You can download Kin-Driver using the following links:

Quick Instructions for Installation

Log into your MySQL account:

mysql -uuser -ppassword

Use the source command to build the database like this:

source path/to/KinDriver.sql

It will take about 15 minutes depending on your computer to completely load the database. Once it is done, you can query the database locally using MySQL.

Driver Mutations

Here we provide a link to the list of driver mutations.

This file is limited and does not provide information about COSMIC samples, UniProt information, PDB structures or Multiple Sequence Alignments. It is intended as a short cut to avoid downloading the entire database to obtain the list of all driver mutations

Driver Mutations Table v70

Driver Mutations Table v82